Environment file

The environment file (.env) defines the private configuration data for the application to run. This file doesn't exist to start with, but you can copy the example file (cp .env.example .env) and start editing it.

The .env file must NOT be committed to your source code repository! It contains extremely important information that when made public could jeoparize the security of your application!

After creating the environment file, run php artisan key:generate to generate the encryption key. This key is used for hashing passwords and other secure data. Next open up the environment file and fill in the fields that you need for your application. Be sure to check the DISCORD_ prefixed fields at the bottom of the file.

Database migration

User authentication utilizes the users table in the database. In order to create this database, run php artisan migrate. This command will create the necessary database tables found in the database/migrations directory.

Discord authentication

Discord authentication is supported out-of-the-box with Disboard. Routes and callback handles have already been created (see app/Http/Controllers/AuthController.php and routes/auth.php). To connect the authentication routes with Discord, navigate to your Discord application and add https://disboard.dev/auth/callback to the OAuth callback list.